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Frequently preferred over a globe valve or a gate valve, ball valves are an excellent choice for virtually any shut-off application. A sphere located on the inside of the valve controls flow and achieves a perfect shut-off even after years of abuse, while still being extremely durable. Additionally, ball valves are very easy to operate and repair. Bledsoe & Associates sells a wide variety of durable and high quality ball valves. Our comprehensive selection includes carbon, brass, or stainless steel models with regular or full ports, flanged ends in either stainless steel or carbon, electric, pneumatic, or old fashioned hand powered.

In addition, we also offer a Threaded End selection of ball valves that come in brass, carbon, and stainless steel. These are all full port ball valves that come in a variety of sizes, from 1/4 to 4. The brass can withstand pressures up to 600WOG, with the carbon and stainless steel both withstanding up to 1000WOG. These are excellently crafted, durable parts which keep on performing.

Our Flanged End ball valves come in carbon or stainless steel and in either full or regular ports. These can all withstand pressures of 275WOG and come in sizes ranging from 1/2 to a full size 8.

Finally we have our Actuated line of ball valves. These ball valves are either pneumatically or electrically driven. Our electric ball valve is a Sea Mark II Electric Actuator that is priced on application. The same goes for our pneumatic model, a Sonic Torque Pneumatic Actuator, SPN Series.
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In addition to selling pre-made valves, actuators, temperature controls, and calibration equipment, we also fabricate hardware, mount actuators, and other accessories straight onto any brand of valve. We thoroughly test and calibrate each component, making sure it's ready for easy field installation.

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