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Sharpe Ball Valves
Manual & Automated ball valves, 1/4" to 12" 2 and 3 way design, carbon and stainless steel. Triac pneumatic rack/pinion & electric actuators.

Absolute Process Instruments
Plug-in and DIN rail mount signal conditioners, isolators, and alarms. Exclusive features include alarm status LED's (bi-color), integral "Functional Test" pushbutton, field programmable HI/LO alarm.

Wireless monitoring and control.
Braun Instruments
Speed and motion sensors, frequency converters and alarms, and hand held and portable tachometers.

Cecomp Electronics
Digital Pressure and Temperature gauges, Transmitters.

ControlAir, Inc.
Regulators, I/P & E/P Transducers.
Deltech, Inc.
2" through 54" Butterfly valves, lug and wafer design, pressures up to ANSI class 600#. Wide range of seat and body materials available. Electric or pneumatic actuation.
Dwyer Instruments
Measurement and control of pressure, flow, level, and temperature.

Kinetrol Actuators
Pneumatic vane type actuators, double acting or spring return (fail safe). Torque outputs to 100,000 inch lbs.

Love Controls
Instruments and sensors for temperature control. Indicators, transmitter/alarms, output devices, controllers, data communications, and recorders.
Magnatrol Valve Corp.
Solenoid valves for control of water, oil, gas, steam, solvents, cryogenics, and oxygen.
Calibrators and Pressure Pumps.
McDaniel Controls
Pressure and Vacuum gauges, available with diaphragm seals. Durable for heavy industrial use.
Broad range of pressure, temperature, and level controls for use in heavy industrial, petrochemical, and power plants.
Noshok, Inc.
Pressure and vacuum gauges with or without diaphragm seals, bi-metal thermometers, transducers, and needle valves.
Sight flow and sight window indicators, level gauges& valves, magnetic level.
Complete line of positioners. Pneumatic, electropneumatic, and digital for rotary or linear applications. In addition, a complete line of feedback switches. Mounting to most actuators available.
Precision Digital
Panel meters for thermocouple, RTD, control loop, thermister, AC/DC voltage, alarms, 4-20 mA output and BCD output.
Proximity Controls
Valve position indication for manual or automated valves. Mounting kits available for most valves and actuators.
RCM Industries, Inc.
Direct reading flowmeters for liquids and gases, wafer and NPT connections. Outputs available.
Rexa/Koso America
Hydraulic, electronic and mechanical technologies are combined in this state-of-the-art design actuator. Available in linear, rotary, and drive units. Torques to 400,000 inch lbs. and trust to 120,000#.
Providing the world’s automation market with comprehensive, advanced, practical, robust and cost-effective products and solutions.
Thermocouple Technology
Temperature sensors, thermocouples and RTD's, wire and cable.

W.E. Anderson
Liquid, dry, sludge and slurry level and flow switch devices.